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Testimonials From Clients

Testimonials for Mental Health Treatment


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  1. A.C. says: April 29, 2013

    After many years of therapy my child for the first time is excited to go to this Social Skills Group and always reminds me how much fun it is. All that is happening while my child’s social skill and awareness of others’ wants and needs is blooming

  2. M.G says: May 16, 2013

    Social Skills Groups – G. has had a rough school year, as you know. He has looked forward to Sunday mornings consistently, and I know it’s because he is being productive in a safe, loving setting. At the end of every session, he skips cheerfully out, and his skills are much more obvious than they are during the week. He is being stimulated with “Yaaa-ellll” and “Miss Nicolllle”, which are names I hear throughout the week. He is a child who is very receptive to a good program, and I have noticed that he “notices” other children at the park now. Although he hasn’t gotten to the stage where he can appropriately have a social exchange that goes beyond the initial introduction, the fact that he sees a group of kids, runs up to them and says, “Can I play?” is a huge milestone that has not gone unnoticed by this proud mommy!

  3. O & A. says: July 10, 2013

    Behavior Therapy Though it does turn out we may have been overly cautious in our treatment based on partial or not exact information from the school, it seemed that the “Tenafly Therapy Group” team was ready for anything. The behavioral program gave us great tools for education and our son has grown more comfortable with his surrounding and was able to bring out the best version of himself in all everyday situations. The support for us, the parents, was exceptional and especially important when dealing with the educational systems that were new to us and not very welcoming or understanding. We are very grateful for the time, the expertise and the full commitment of helping us as a family, overcome this challenge

  4. H.H says: March 14, 2014

    Integrative therapies –At “Tenafly Therapy Group” we found a wonderful group of therapists that helped my 5 year old son in all areas of his needs: speech, OT and social skill. His improvement in all categories was amazing, especially in the social area: from a very shy an depended kid, he turn up to be a friendly more independent child with friends and self-esteem. The possibility of getting all the therapies from one place and at his school was so convenient and helped the speedy progress as it was a team effort.

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