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Dr. Beth Bochner

Dr. Beth Bochner is a Psychotherapist specializing in children, adolescents and adults. She is also a Parenting Consultant who provides Parenting Workshops and Support Groups. Dr. Bochner received her Masters Degree and Doctorate in Clinical Social Work from New York University and has since had over 20 years of experience helping families. She has also done extensive research in the area of Postpartum Depression.

In addition, Dr. Bochner ran the Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Programs at Jacobi Hospital in New York for many years.

Her career is now focussed on her private practice in Englewood, NJ where she is also a frequent guest lecturer and group facilitator at local schools and community centers.

Furthermore, Dr. Bochner is currently running pyscho-educational support groups covering a wide range of parenting and psychology topics such as:

  • how to deal with sibling rivalry
  • how to deal with stress
  • how to sleep train your baby
  • how to build self esteem

Dr. Bochner is known for her compassionate approach and caring, clinical skills. She lives in Tenafly, NJ with her husband and three children.